Stuart Kinlough is an illustrator and designer based in the UK. He creates colourful graphic compositions with an abundance of ink, solvent transfers and the odd bit of sticky tape.

Stuart illustrates for an eclectic range of clients. He has worked extensively on illustration projects with the BBC, including large-scale wall art and installations in their London, Birmingham, Bristol and MediaCity studios. His work has also appeared in various articles for IPC Media, The Guardian, Irish Times,, and Mashable UK amongst others. As much of his work is based around the themes of business, communication and science, it has also been used in specialist industry publications such as The Treasurer, The Exhibitor, Think Investor, Chemistry World, Nature, Law Alert and Construction Manager.

His working process is mainly digital but it always begins with a healthy dose of experimentation and mark-making. He likes creating a chaotic mix of paint, screen prints and text, before fusing them with vintage photographic elements and bold graphic halftone layers. Approximately 85% of his images contain the colour pink.

If you'd like to join him on a new creative adventure, or would just like a general chit-chat, please get in touch here.